1.     How long will it take to receive my pit once it has been ordered? 
Once the 50% non-refundable deposit has been receivedthe average fabrication time is 4 to 6 weeks for a base model
         pit not in stock, sometimes sooner.  
2.     Is a deposit required?
        Yes, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required for pits not in stock.  Please note All sales are final.
3.     What type of material are the pits made of?
All standard base model pits are fabricated from 1/4 inch thick steel pipe. Trailer pits are mounted on 3500 pound
         axels with 15" wheels and  bull-nose hitch. Our trailers come with new tires, and wired with lights.
4.      What are my shipping options?
        Standard delivery starts at $50 and will vary depending on destination, pit size/weight and type (stand alone pit
        vs. trailer pit). Please note that the delivery fee is for "drop- off" only.  This delivery fee does not include "placement"
        of  the pit  (placement - any assistance in having the product placed into your backyard, patio, etc.)
         Shipping out of  state is  available.   Please call or email for further information.
5.     Are there other sizes and models available?
              Yes, B&R Custom Pits specializes in pipe style pits of most sizes and lengths.  Please call for more information.
6.     What are the payment options?
        We accept:  cashiers checks, personal checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, and American
        Express. Lay-away is also available.  Please call or email for details.  Pay Pal
7.     What is the difference between a Camper Grill and a Grill?
         The Camper Grill comes mounted on a stand and can swivel 360 degrees. The Grill is built with four (4) legs
         and (2) wheels.
8.     Why is a Single or Double Lid Grill with firebox considered a Smoker?
        Even though these pits are built without a vertical upright smoker, having a firebox allows the grill to serve as a   
        horizontal smoker by cooking with indirect heat.