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At B & R Custom Pits, our goal is to provide our customer with a quality steel barbecue pit at a fair and reasonable price.
All base model (standard) pits:  are fabricated from 1/4" steel pipe,  include spring type handles (in order to avoid heat transfer while maneuvering the lids), and also a steel ash rake to assist with ash/coal removal.   
Base model (standard) "smokers" fabricated from 20" diameter or larger diameter steel pipe, include a built - in/removeable rib rack.  The  firebox is fabricated to: open, serve as a grill, has a warming plate built on top, and includes a heavy duty grate for the charcoal/wood.
Multiple options are available such as: thicker steel walls, adjustable baffles, tuning plates, heavy duty grate for charcoal/wood, single and double burners, trailer tables, left - sided firebox, etc. Options are offered at additional cost.  
There are many models to choose from; however, if you have a custom style, or size in mind, please do not hesitate to  call or send us an email. We may be able to fabricate to your specific design and specification.
Please note that any base model barbecue pit not in stock, can be fabricated within 4-6 weeks; this time frame may vary depending on how many orders are in front of yours. In order to  better serve our customer,  B & R Custom Pits has a pick- up location in San Antonio, Texas and also in Blanco, Texas.  Delivery is available and starts as low as $65. Please contact us for more information.